Have you ever wake up with puffy eyes or dark circles and have the feeling you look even more tired? Eye bags and dark circles can cause the illusion that you are tired and had a restless night. While sometimes that is the case, dark circles and eye bags are not only the result of a bad night sleep. Other factors may contribute to this problem. We also have some tips and products that you can use to restore your well-rested, fresh, and radiant look.

What can cause eye bags and dark circles?

There are several reasons why people get dark circles and wake up with eye bags. Here are some of the causes that might be giving you that tired look:

1.Yes, genetics can be one of the reasons why some people will get dark circles and eye bags frequently.

2. Natural aging process. Aging does not only cause wrinkles, but it can also give us those annoying eye concerns.

3. Restless night. Let’s face it, you will most probably wake up with dark circles or eye bags if you cannot rest well, or have just a few hours to sleep.

4. You cried before you go to sleep. It can be because you are upset with something or because you watch that really sad movie, but if you cry before you go to sleep, you will most probably wake up with a headache and puffy eyes.

5. Allergy season. If you have allergies, you will suffer from puffy eyes.

6. You are eating food high in salt at night. This can cause your eyes to get swollen during the night.7. Smoking is not only bad for the lungs, but it also accelerates the skin aging process and can cause dark circles.

What can I do to get rid of eye bags and dark circles?  

1. Choose the right eye cream. Choose an eye cream that targets these concerns, and that is proven to brighten the eye contour.

2. Use an eye massager in the morning to boost blood circulation and reduce eye circles. The Eye Cream Booster has a special massage head to treat the delicate eye contour. The sonic vibration with hot massage increases blood circulation and maximizes the effectiveness of your favorite eye cream. If you suffer from eye bags, we suggest you use hot and cool therapy. The Hot/Cool Skin Device features two massage heads for the face and eyes. Use the hot mode with sonic vibration to boost the absorption of your favorite cream and the cool mode right after to lock in moisture and reduce eye bags.

3. Don’t watch sad or violent movies at night. Why? Movies that express violence can make you having nightmares, and you will not rest well. Sad movies will most probably make you cry. Crying at night will give you a terrible headache in the morning and puffy eyes. Stay out of it!

4. Choose the right eye cream. If you apply a watery eye cream close to your waterline it can act like if you were crying and irritate the eyes. It can actually create more problems then it can cure.

5. Reduce salt intake at night and hydrate well throughout the day. A healthy lifestyle will bring you long term results. Stop smoking. Smoking is not only bad for your lungs, but it will also accelerate aging signs and create dark circles.