Going to a salon to get recurrent microcurrent and light therapy treatments is expensive. What if you could have all these treatments in a portable device that gives you the ultimate revitalizing facial from the comfort of your home? Pretty amazing. Isn’t it? Meet TRIFECTA, that one device that will help you get your youthful glow back.



Skin goes through so much every day that a pampering session before bedtime is much needed, and let’s be honest, appreciated. As we age, our skin cannot produce as much collagen and elastin as in our early twenties. Losing firmness is natural, but why not give your skin a bit of help to maintain healthy skin and boost firmness? TOUCHBeauty TRIFECTA is such a versatile device. You get three powerful treatments in a compact handheld system featuring microcurrent and light therapy.



Microcurrent is a technology with face-firming effects compared to a natural facelift. This technology is a low-level electric current that flows through muscles to tone and firm the skin. TOUCHBeauty TRIFECTA utilizes rolling conductors that gently glide across the skin to distribute microcurrent evenly. The gentle pulses stimulate facial muscles and boost blood flow to firm and define facial contours.


Microcurrent facials used to be salon-exclusive treatments. However, they are now available in pocked size at-home microcurrent facial devices. It is so much easier to keep up with your treatment schedule without worrying about salon visits and expensive treatments.



Who hasn’t seen celebrities all over Instagram using light therapy devices? These devices have such a futuristic vibe, and they do wonders for the skin. LED stands for light-emitting diode. Unlike UV rays, LED lights are not harmful and do not damage the skin, quite the contrary. Light therapy is soothing and helps to heal the skin. TOUCHBeauty TRIFECTA features four different wavelengths – red, yellow, blue, and mixed-light – giving you the freedom to treat different skin concerns.



When you receive your TRIFECTA, you will see three different attachments. You can easily change attachments and choose treatments according to your skin needs.


Microcurrent Facial Rollers

This attachment will be your holy grail if you feel your skin is losing definition and firmness. The rollers glide effortlessly across your skin, releasing microcurrents along the way. You can adjust the microcurrent intensity from level 1 to level 5, depending on the desired effect.


Microcurrent Eye & Lip Wands

Did you know the eye contour is delicate and one of the first areas to get fine lines? The TRIFECTA eye & lip wands are super gentle at delivering precise microcurrent to the skin. The extra boost of collagen helps to prevent a reduce fine lines.


Light Therapy

Why having only one light wavelength if you can have four?

Red Light: Boosts collagen & elastin production and smooths fine lines.

Blue Light: Reduces blemishes and clears the skin. Anti-inflammatory.

Yellow Light: Brightens the skin and reduces dark spots.

Mixed-light: Comprehensive skincare regulates oil production.



The beauty about TRIFECTA is that you can customize your skincare routine. You can start with one or two treatments and upgrade your skincare routine when you feel your skin needs it.



Remove makeup and cleanse your skin.


Start with the microcurrent facial rollers. Apply water-soluble gel to the skin. Choose the intensity level you want to use. Slowly glide the rollers across your skin in upward lifting motions. Roll along the jawline, cheeks, and forehead to tone and firm the skin. This treatment has a duration of 6 minutes. Every 2 minutes, you will hear a beeping sound to remind you it’s time to change the treatment area. After 6 minutes, the device automatically shuts down, giving you a precise treatment cycle.


After you finish your microcurrent facial treatment, you can change the attachment to the microcurrent eye & lip wands. Apply gel to the eye contour and choose an intensity level. Gently glide or press the wands around the eyes or lips. This treatment has a duration of 3 minutes. Every minute you will hear a beeping sound to remind you it’s time to change the treatment area. After 3 minutes, the device automatically shuts down.